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Sunryze Poms The New Phenomenon - Phenom

1st day in the ring with Carlos Fernandez at 6 months old, Phenom takes BOB

Woohoo!!!! Thank you expert handler extraordinaire and trainer, Carlos and Gloria for all your hard work training and showing this boy.

Super excited to get this boy home.

To further add to the excitement, he goes into the group ring and steals a Group 3.  

I just love this boy.  He shows so much promise.

This outstanding boy finished off a great 1st time in the ring by winning reserve Best Puppy in Show. So much promise in such a young dog. 

Thank you again Fernando and Sidney for letting this stunning boy come live with me at Shallany Pomeranians.  Thank you also Carlos and Gloria for your expert training and handling of our Phenom.

Ch. Shallany's Sugar Rush

May 9, 2014 - Tyee Kennel Club dog show - Duncan, BC - Sugar, my little hyper freaker, was a perfect little angel in the ring.  You would never know that she is usually hyped up.  She went in and took Winner Bitch for her first 3 points today.  Because my boy Rebel also won WD, my son Matthew helped me out and took her in for breed judging....she then went on to win BOS over the female special handled by my son.  Not bad for his first day handling ever....

May 10, 2014 - Today, once again, Sugar behaved very well in the ring and took Winners Bitch again for another 3 points.  Again my son Matthew helped me out and took her in for breed just to take Best Opposite Sex over the female special again.

May 10, 2014 - Vancouver Island Toy Dog Specialty - I have had a great weekend already with both my girl and boy, so didn't expect any more happiness, but again, Sugar took WB and BOS over the special and then finished out a great day with Best of Winners for another 3 points...she would have finished, but one of the earlier in the day class dogs hadn't entered the specialty, so we were 1 dog short of 4 points.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow if we hold our breath.... :-)

May 11, 2014 - last day of the show and we only need 1 point to finish Sugar.  Did we do it????  Of course we did....and as before, she took Winners Bitch and BOS for another 3 points to finish out the weekend as champion #2.  Thanks to my son for helping me and for doing an amazing job handling and working with the dogs...the weekend wouldn't have been as successful if it weren't for him.

BPISS Ch. Shallany's Rebel With A Cause

May 9, 2014 - Tyee Kennel Club dog show - Duncan, BC - Rebel went into the ring today like a pro and started the weekend with a bang, taking WD and BOW.  I just love how this dog can move.

May 10, 2014Tyee Kennel Club dog show - Duncan, BC - 2nd day in the ring and Rebel is hot to trot stealing Best of Breed over the specials to finish his championship, and then goes in to group and takes a nice group 3 placement to finish off a great morning.

May 10, 2014 - Later that day for the Vancouver Island Toy Dog Specialty, I moved Rebel up to specials to leave the points open for the other males in the classes.  Again he took Best of Breed and and group 2 placement and then finished out the day with BPISS.  Woohoo!!!!

May 11, 2014 - Last day of the show and I have moved Rebel up as a special for the All Breed show.  He is showing his young age of only 8 months old...he is a bit tired today and not standing as quietly as previous days...that being said, he still manages to take Best of Breed and a group 4 placement.  This has been the best weekend ever.  Thanks to all the judges that awarded these lovely wins to my boy.

April 18, 2014 - Renaissance Dog Show - Chilliwack, BC - Rebel was looking great and flew around the ring today.  He didn't put a foot wrong, and I guess the judge agreed with me as Judge Londono from Columbia gave Rebel BOB over the specials.  He then went on to a group 3 placement and BPIG under Judge Franco.  What an exciting start to Rebels show only 7 months old from the junior puppy class.  WooHoo!!!!!

BPIS Ch. Shallany's I M Possible - Ozzie

December 15, 2013 - Ozzie really misbehaved in the Breed ring today.  I had moved him to specials so we didn't take points from others that needed them.  We took BOB.  Then he behaved like a little pro in the Group ring and finished the best weekend with a Group 4th and BPIG for the 3rd day in a row.  Thanks to Darla Heck for seeing beyond my lil monster man and for awarding us these great wins.
December 14, 2013 - Like I couldn't wipe the smile off my face already....we finished a great day with BPIS.....Woohoo!!!!!  Thanks to Walter Pinsker for such a lovely win.
December 14, 2013 - later that same day, Ozzie behaved very well in Puppy Group ring and took BPIG.  Great day already.  Thank you to Leslie Rogers for seeing something special in my little boy.
December 14, 2013 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Show - Ozzie is such a naughty boy in the breed ring, but still managed to take Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 4 points to finish his Championship. 
Sept 28, 2013 - Mt. Cheam Dog show - Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 4 points and a nice puppy group to finish off a great morning.
September 7, 2013 - Skaha Dog Show - Osooyoos - Ozzie had his first time in the ring today.  He was a little monkey and wouldn't walk good at all, but when he stood, he stood very well. He went winners dog and best I'd winners for his first points. I just love this dog.
September 8, 2013 - Winners Dog again for another point.  Good start my Ozzie man.

Ch. Shallany's Just One Rose - Rosie


October 28th - 31st 2010 - Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers - Travel The World - This is the larger dog show in Western Canada and it is also televised.  Rosie is maturing very nicely and did well once again.  Today we took Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex for 2 points.  She was a bit crazy today, so excited and happy to be at the show. 

October 29th - Again Rosie took WB and BOS for 2 points.  She was more settled today, although she still had fun. 

October 30th - Rosie really settled down and moved well.  We took WB, BOS, BOW and BP for 3 points.  The poms had a supported entry today as well, so I cleaned up on all of the prizes which were so kindly provided by Colleen Beland of Pomhaven Canada.  If my points are all right, Rosie became a new champion today, but I decided not to move her up just in case there is a problem or screw up with any of the points. 

October 31st - Last day and we are all tired.  It has been a good weekend so far.  Rosie is relaxed and playful.  I can tell she is really enjoying herself.  Today we went in the ring with a view to taking breed.  Unfortunately that didn't happen, although I thought we were going to get it.  The judge really took a good look at us.  Anyways, we took WB, BOS, BOW and BP again for another 2 points to seal our championship.  Then to top off a great weekend already, Rosie took BPIG.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!!  We had a great time.  She looked great and performed well in puppy in show ring, but today was not our day.  Still, we had a great time none the less. 

September 10th - 12th 2010 - Skaha Kennel Club - Osoyoos, BC - Rosie's first day in the ring at just 7 months old and we have a great start by taking Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over a very nice specials female for her first 2 points.  I was a bit concerned how she might show as i haven't been to any shows or classes for many months so she could be socialized.  But thankfully I have a crazy enough house that she came around real quick and showed like a real pro. 

September 12, 2010 - Today Rosie did well again and took Winners Bitch for another point.  So that gives us 3 points for a nice start at a small show.  On top of that, we had a nice weekend just hanging around the campsite playing with the dogs and friends. 

CH. Pomhaven's Alberta Ferretti


April 2nd - 5th, 2010 - Renaissance Dog Show - Chilliwack, BC - This is the first show Allie has been to since blowing her coat back in September.  She is 18 months old and looking real good.  Her coat is coming in real nice and she has really come together as an adult. Allie showed like a trooper, you wouldn't even know it has been so long since she has been in the ring. Today she went WB, BOW, and BOS for 3 points.  That is enough for her to finish her championship. I will keep her entered one more day in case of any missed points with CKC, but if she takes the points again tomorrow, I will move her for the other days of the show to give the points to someone else.


April 3rd - Allie still felt good and we had another great day.  She is such a happy dog.  Again she went WB, BOW and BOS for another 3 points.  Today I moved her up, so tomorrow she will be shown as a special.  We don't expect to win as there are 2 very nice male specials entered, but I have paid, so I might as well stay in and play.

September 12th 2009 - Skaha Kennel Club - Osoyoos, BC - We have had a great trip to Oyosoos for the Skaha dog show.  On Saturday Alllie went WB and BOW for another 2 points to put her at 8 points.  She is now a year old and has just blown out the last of her puppy coat, so we will wait for her to coat up before she gets to finish her title.

July 23rd - 26th 2009  - Pacific Dog Show - Surrey, BC - Allie is 10 months old and looks very like her mom now. This is her first show as I showed her sister Kiki first as a junior puppy.  I was a little tentative as Allie seemed to be so like Lexi, I thought she was going to be a little more difficult to show.  I am happy to say, my fears were unfounded.  First day out on Friday 23rd, Allie took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her first 2 points.

July 24th  - Again Allie went WB for another 2 points.  She is showing really well.

July 25th  - Once again, Allie went WB and BOW for another 2 points.  What a trooper.  I couldn't be happier with her attitude in the ring.  She is happy and positive, but listens real well.  Who knew she would love to show this much? - I guess we can't be greedy.  A pretty little junior puppy took winners bitch today.  Maybe next show we will finish.

Ch. Shallany's Betty Boop

New Champion 

October 29th 2009 - Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC - Tradex, Abbotsford - Nice big show, but not as many poms entered as I thought there might be.  Thursday 29th started us out with the Group V Specialty.  Betty started the weekend out with a good day taking Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Puppy and Best of Opposite Sex over 2 female special also.  To end a great day, the 3 points she took for the win allowed her to finish her Canadian Championship.

October 30th 2009 - Betty did well again taking WB and BOW for 3 safety points just in case there is a mix up with any of her points

October 31st 2009 - I forgot to move her up, so we ended up playing in the classes again, and again took WB for 2 points.  The male puppy that won Winners Male today took BOW instead of Betty.  I guess you can't win them all.  I decided to pull my dogs for tomorrow.  I am tired and I think it is only fair to share the points.  Don't want to be greedy.

September 25th 2009 - Mount Cheam Dog Show - Chilliwack, BC - This was the surprise of my weekend. I expected my junior puppy male, Mouse to do better at the show this weekend.  He was looking so nice.  But to my surprise, Betty shined and surprised us all. She is Mouse's littermate.  Her first day in the ring at 7 months old, she took Winners Bitch for 4 points.  Woo hoo, what a great start  That evening, we also had a Regional Pomeranian Specialty held by the Pomeranian Club of BC. We were not anyones favorites as once again she went WB for another 4 points.  So that wrapped up an already great day.  8 points on her first day out, it couldn't get any better than that.  Thank you to both Judges that day who saw the potential in my little girl.

Ch. Shallany's Monique Lhuillier - Kiki


April 10th - 13th 2009 - Renaissance Dog Show - Chilliwack, BC - Kiki is in great form and takes WB, BOS, BP on April 10th, 12th, and 13th for 9 points altogether this weekend to finish her championship.  She also went on to win BPIG on April 12th and 13th to finish a fantastic weekend. 

April 13th 2009

April 12th 2009

March 26th 2009 - Oceanside Dog Show - Kiki is just 6 months old and this is her first day in the ring.  She was a little nervous the first day but did fairly well with her walking.  By the end of the day she got the hang of the small building and echoing. 

March 27th 2009 - Today Kiki did much better.  She went Winners Bitch and went on to win her first Puppy Group.  Today we got her first 2 points.

March 28th 2009 - We got there late and missed out.  That will teach us.

March 29th 2009 - The judge didn't appreciate attitudes in small packages this day.  We finished out a bum weekend with a bum day.  Lets hope the next show offers more.

Am/Cdn.i BPIS Ch. Shallany's Design By Versace - Ace

September 11th - 14th 2008 - Oceanside Dog Show - Maple Ridge - Although Ace is now 13 months old and in the middle of blowing the last of his baby coat, he still had a good weekend.  The first 2 days we didn't really do anything. 

September 13th - Ace took BOB and then a Group 3 under the distinguished Judge Donna Cole. 

September 14th - Today we felt good and Ace was very relaxed.  We went in the ring and had a great time.  Again we took BOB, and then went on to a great win with a Group 1 under Hon. Judge .  Thank you so much for seeing something special in my little guy. 

July 24th - 26th 2008 - Pacific Dog Show - Hazelmere - July 24th - Ace is moving well and shows like a dream.  Today he took BOB, BPIG under Hon. Judge Micheal Bouchard, and to top off a great day, BPIS under Hon. Judge Juan Carlos Vasconsellos. 

June 21st - 22nd 2008 - Mount Cheam Dog Show - Hazelmere - 2 day show only this time.  June 21st - Ace showed for the first time as a Specials Dog.  I couldn't wait for fall to come, so I decided that I might as well play with him as a special while he hung on to his coat.  He took BOB, Group 3 and BPIG under Judge Everett Mincey.  I am very happy with this little boy.  

June 22nd - Again today, Ace went BOB, Group 3 and BPIG under Judge Dave Marcus.  Thank you to the judges for seeing something special in my little man.  

May 16th - 18th 2008 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Show - Chilliwack - May 16th - Ace is a happy boy and it really showed the first day of this show.  He took BOB for his last 2 points to finish his championship under Honorable Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel.  He is my first home bred champion. 

May 17th - Today we took only WD for a single point under Judge Valerie Gervais.  May 18th - We went in with a confident, work hard attitude today, and it really seemed to pay off.  Ace went BOB again for another 2 points.  He went into the group ring and made the cut, although we didn't place.  Then we went in for puppy group and worked our butts off.  He took BPIG under Honorable Judge Darle Heck.  Woo Hoo!!!!  What a good boy.  That afternoon, we went into the Puppy in show ring with no great expections.  But to top off an already fantastic day, we went BPIS under Honorable Judge Adrian Aguirre.  Thank you so much for seeing the potential in my little man.  We didn't play at the show with Ace on the 19th of the show as I played with my black and tan boy Hunter instead.  I am going to let Ace coat up some more before we take him out as a special.  Look for him in the ring as a special some time in the fall.

April 11th - 13th 2008 - Renaissance Dog Show - Chilliwack - Ace is showing like a dream.  Even though we only took Reserve Dog today, we did take Puppy in Breed under Judge R. Hartinger.  To top of a great day already, he went on to take Best Puppy in Group.  What a great start to this little guys show career! On Sunday 13th, Ace went WD and Best of Winners for 3 points under Honorable Judge Grant Townsend.  At this rate, we will be finished in no time at all. 

March 27th - 30th 2008 - Oceanside Dog Show - Maple Ridge - Ace did well today for his second time in the ring.  He took his first win today with WD and Best of Winners for 2 points.  Today (Friday 28th) we took 1 more point for Winners Dog.  For his first real weekend of showing, Ace is doing very well indeed.  (Saturday 29th) - I couldn't show today, so Ace was a bum for my daughter in the ring.  He figured that because I wasn't there, he would act up, so he gave the points away to another male.  (Sunday 30th) - Ace has shown great all weekend.  My daughter wanted to show him again today, so that is what we did.  I am glad to say he behaved himself much better for her, so much so in fact, that he took Best of Breed over the special male for 2 more points.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!  Thank you to Judge Denise Cornelssen for seeing something special in my little boy. 

February 29th 2008 - Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers - Pot Of Gold - Ace was in the ring for the first time today at 6 1/2 months old.  Although he didn't win any points today, he performed very well, giving the competition a run for their money. 

Ch. Shallany's Treasure Hunter - Hunter


September 11th - 14th 2008 - Hunter's coat is starting to come in real nice now.  He moved well all weekend and had a great time.  Sept. 11th he went WD for 1 point.  Sept. 12th - again he went WD for 1 point.  Sept. 13th - Today Judge Donna Cole really seemed to like Hunter and so we took WD and BOW for 2 points to finish his Canadian championship.  Woo Hoo!!!!!!!  My second home bred champion.  Thank you Ms. Cole for helping me finish off a great weekend.  I just love my black and tan boy. 

August 24th 2008 -  He was entered in the one day show at Saamamish, WA, and he took WM for his first point.  Woo hoo, thank you Colleen for taking my little monkey with you to the States and for showing him for me.  Picture to come.

August 14th 2008 - US - Hunter has been to the States to start his showing career there.  He is shown by his Grandma, Colleen Beland who bred and owns Hunters sire, Rolex.  He was entered in the Puget Sound Pomeranian Specialty held in Enumclaw, Washington, were he took Best Puppy in Specialty Show.

June 21st - 22nd 2008 - Mount Cheam Dog Show - Hazelmere - 2 day show only, with the same Judges as Ace.  Hunter did well this weekend also. June 21st - Today Hunter went WD and BOW for 3 points.  June 22nd - Again we went WD and BOW for another 3 points.  As of this show, Hunter has 7 points toward his title.  Hopefully Hunter will finish his points at his next show in July at the Pacific Dog Show at Hazelmere.

May 19th 2008 - Auld Lang Syne Dog Show - Chilliwack - As I had entered Ace in the first 3 days of the show, I decided to enter Hunter for only one day so that it would be less stressful.  He did very well and took WD for his first point.  I can't wait to get him into his next show.

April 13th 2008 - Renaissance Dog Show - Pomeranian Regional Specialty - Today was Hunters first day out as a show dog.  He is 6 months old today.  He took 1st in his class as Jr. puppy. 

February 28th 2008 - Sanction Match - Hunter is 4 1/2 months old.  We put him in the sanction match to see how he would go.  He was a real trooper, and seemed to enjoy himself very much.  We came away with a group 2.  We have high hopes for his showing future.

Ch. Pomhaven's A Lexus Is Better - Lexi


April 11th - 13th - Renaissance Dog Show - Chilliwack - I only entered Lexi for the first 2 days.  On Friday, she took WB to finish her championship.  Woo hoo!!!!!!!  Thank you Colleen for my awesome little girl.

March 27th - 30th - Oceanside Dog Show - Maple Ridge - Lexi looks great again, and is showing well.  March 28th - She was very happy in the ring today.  The Judge, Mr. Vanderkinder gave her Best of Winners for 2 points and Best of Opposite.  March 29th - Today Lexi took BOB for another 2 points under Judge Edna St. Hildare.  We only need 1 more point to finish her. 

February 15th - 17th, 2008 - Renaissance Dog Association - Lexi looked great for the three day show with her lovely orange adult coat, and performed very well .  On the last day of the show, Lexi took Winners Bitch for 2 points. 

November 23rd - 25th, 2007 - Elsie Murray Dog Show - Cloverdale - Lexi did well the first day and took Winners Bitch for 2 points under the Honorable Judge, Mr Garry Allan.

September 7th -10th, 2007 - Oceanside Kennel Club - The first day of the show, Lexi took her first point by taking Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed.  We really need a bit more coat as right now she is in the middle of getting her adult coat and loosing her puppy fluff.  As her adult coat grows, she should start winner more points.  I can't wait to get her back in the ring.


Ch. Randy's NIckels And Dimes

New Champion

November 25th, 2006 - Today Nikki took WB at the Elsie Murray Dog Show for 3 points under the Honorable Judge, Mr. Garry Allan.  That was enough to finish her Canadian tltle.  Thank you Mr. Allan for seeing the potential in this beautiful little girl. 

Nikki took WB and BOS at the Mount Cheam Dog Show at the end of September all three days while almost out of coat.  She now has 7 points.  She is almost there.  More shows to come in November when hopefully she has grown her coat back in.

Nikki took another 2 points for WB and BOS at the Oceanside Kennel Club dog show September 9th and 10th.  We now have 4 points on her. 

Nikki went to her first show July 27, 2006 at the Pacific Dog Show at Hazelmere, Surrey, BC.  I only entered her for the first day, just to see how she would cope as she tends to be a little on the timid side.  She went WB for 2 points and BOS.  I was very excited.  We look forward to more shows in the very near future.


Ch. Chinookwinds Keirs Delight

June 24th 2006 - Mount Cheam Dog Show - Chilliwack - I would like to introduce my new champion, Ch. Chinookwinds Keirs Delight.  We finished her title under the Honorable Judge Honey Glendenning, with a BOB.  Thank you Mrs Glendenning for allowing my little girl to become a Champion.  It's very much appreciated.

June 25th 2006 - Today we took BOB again to finish Keirs title in style.


All the dogs in the pictures in this box and in the boxes below are owned by other breeders and owners.  They have very graciously allowed me to show their dogs, gaining valuable experience and having the great privilege of showing some fantastic specimens of the breed along the way and having way too much fun in the process.  Thanx to Colleen Beland of Pomhaven, she is a great mentor and good friend.  How many breeders would let their best show dogs go to a newbie like myself to be shown?  I appreciate the faith and trust she has put in me. 

Ch. Pomhaven's Dreams Of The Orient - Asia


September 21st - 23rd 2007 -  Mount Cheam Dog Show - Chilliwack - Asia was looking good and in great form.  The first day on this show was only Asia's 3rd time in the ring.  She took Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed.  Then she decided that she hadn't had enough fun yet, so she went on to win BPIG, and as if that wasn't enough, she finished the day with a lovely BPIS.  WooHoo!!!!!!   The second day Asia went BOW and BPIG again.  On the third day, we decided to finish the weekend out right, so we went BOB over the special female, BPIG, GP 2, and then ended out a fantastic weekend with a second BPIS.  WOW!!!!!  She finished her Championship in style.  What a dreamy weekend we had indeed.  Asia is an awesome girl, and I love her very much.  Thank you Colleen for letting me play with such a great girl.  I will be showing her for 2 days in the Fraser Valley Dog Show and also in the big Lower Mainland Dog Show at Tradex in Abbotsford for Colleen.  After that she will be going home with Colleen who will be showing her soon in the States.  The pictures below are from Asia's 3 days at the show.


August 4th, 5th - Alberta Kennel Club dog show - Southern Alberta Toy Dog Fanciers specialty show - Asia is 6 months and 2 weeks old when she entered the ring for the first time.  First day in the ring she takes WB and BOW for 5 points and then goes on to win BPISS.  What a great start to such an outstanding puppy.  Her 2nd day in the ring was for the Pomeranian Club of Canada's national specialty.  She took Reserve Winners Bitch.  She certainly has an excellent show career ahead of her.  Asia is bred and owned by Colleen Beland of Pomhaven and trained and shown by myself.  Asia is with me until she finishes her Canadian Championship, then her mom will take her to the States to work on her US title.  Asia is a little spitfire.  Watch for her blazing around the ring soon.  

Ch. Cheyennes Design In Style - Dusty

NEW CHAMPION Thank you Ann for a great start in the world of pomeranians, and for letting me show your great little star.

August 4th 2007 - Alberta Kennel Club dog show in Calgary.  Dusty finished in style with a beautiful WD and BOW for 5 points over some very nice competition under Judge Marie Merchant.  We are very pleased at how this little man blazed around the ring.  Dusty is now standing at stud at his home in Guy, Alberta, to approved bitches, with his mom Ann Fulton of Chinookwinds Reg. watching over him.


March 29th - April 1st 2007  - Oceanside Dog Show in Maple Ridge.  Dusty went RWD on Thursday, 29th, and on Friday 30th, he went BOB for 2 points under the Honorable Judge Mrs. Ann Hennigan.  Dusty also made the cut in the toy group.  "Close but no cigar."  He sits on 9 points now.  Hopefully the last day of the show we can finish his title.

March 2nd-4th 2007 - The Lower Mainland Dog Show - Pot Of Gold - This weekend Dusty showed like an old pro.  He looked good and showed his heart out.  The first 2 days we took reserve dog.  The last day of the show, we took WD, Best of Winners and BOS for 4 points over 2 very nice specials boys.  One of those specials had taken the breed the other 2 days.  At this rate Dusty will be a champ in no time.  Thank you Honorable Judge, Mr Grant Townsend for seeing something special in this little guy and letting us finish a fun weekend with such a bang.

February 16th-18th 2007 - The Renaissance Dog Show is Dusty's first ever show.  He will be 2 in April.  The first day we let our nerves get to us.  The second day, we did better and started to find our feet.  The last day, we did really well.  We took WD and Best of Winners for 3 points under the Honorable Judge, Mrs Norris-Jones.  We were 1 dog short of 4 points.  Thank you Ann Fulton, for letting me show such a great little boy. 


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