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They are the most loyal friend you can have - loving,

They will never let you down, and when you need them, they are always there.

They can save a life or save a heart.

They will cozy up to you in the night, making you feel warm and safe.

For years they will always be with you, helping you cope with problems by sensing your frustration, sadness or even fear, and standing by your side and never letting you face your problems alone.

And, in the last years of their life, all they ask of you, is to give back the love they gave to you, and be there when they need you the most and never letting them down on the promise you made when you brought them home.

And, when you look back and remember once they are gone, if you've treated them right, you will only have good memories.

Dogs make you stronger, teaching you to let go of things and teach you lessons you will need to know for life and for friends.



Mans Best Friend.

By: Lori-Beth Fitzpatrick     Copyright 2006


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