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Who Am I?

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland.  I moved to Canada in 1994 with my husband Dave and we have two children, Lori-Beth and Matthew.

I have always loved dogs, especially pomeranians.  I started with a pom X when I was a teenager.  She had a wonderful personality and was my constant companion until I moved to Canada with my family.  'Lady' stayed in Ireland with my mom and dad.  In my last visit to Ireland a number of years ago, Lady met with an unfortunate accident.  At almost 15, she was hit by a car.  Badly broken, but kept comfortable by the great vet, I was able to say my last goodbye as I held her in my arms as she quietly went to sleep.  As sad as that was, her love of life and great attitude left good feelings in my heart.  I knew that one day in the future, I would have to own a pomeranian again.

I started with one pom that we got for a pet in 2003/04.  Well that was the start.  Do you know what happened?  I got bit by the bug.  Next I got two sisters, one of which became my first champion.  I have since added other dogs to the household.   Like they say, one pom is never enough.  These little guys are lavished with love and attention by my family and friends.  They are happy house dogs who never have to know what it is like to sleep in an outside kennel.  That being said, they do get to go out to my yard and the dog run numerous times a day so they can play each day. 

I have been in the world of showing and breeding Pomeranians for 10 years now.  From the time I started showing, I asked myself, " 'Shall Any' of my dogs ever win?"  I finally got my first champion in June 2006.  That was a sweet day.  From that time, I have added home bred champions to the list of dogs that I have bought from other breeders and have since finished. 

I have had good teachers, and I believe very strongly in breeding good quality poms.  My goal has been to breed CKC standard poms with sound health, good temperaments and lots of coat.  With the help of my friend and mentor Colleen Beland of Pomhaven Pomeranians, I have been able to achieve my goals.  Thank you for your help and for my great start in the world of Pomeranians.  Thank you also to the many new friends, helpers and advisors who have helped me along my exciting new journey.  I couldn't have done it without you all.

Take note:

Pomeranians have been bred over the years from 30 lbs plus, to achieve a smaller compact package than they were originally. Today, they range between 3-7lbs, with 4-6lbs the recommended weight for show.  These dogs are vivacious and confident and have a big dog attitude.  That unfortunately can get them into trouble sometimes as they tend to be unafraid of challenging dogs much larger than themselves.  Although poms have excellent temperaments, they are not recommended for families with small children, as they could easily get hurt by accident.

Please take the time to look into the various health issues that can go along with the breed.  As with other purebred dogs, pomeranians do have health concerns that raise their ugly heads on occasion.  Careful breeders try to eliminate these health problems by careful breeding practices.  If you have any questions regarding potential health issues, please do not hesitate to call.

These beautiful dogs have lots of big, double coat.  A thorough grooming is needed at least once a week, with a light brushing in between so that no matts form in their coats.  A regular bath is also needed to keep their coat in nice condition. Clean skin and coat also promotes healthy growth of new fur as your puppy grows.  Although this,  (for me at least) is fun and is a good way to have quality time with your pet,   if you are not prepared to do the grooming needed, pomeranians are not the dogs for you.

If, after all that has been said, you still would like to own a pomeranian, give me a call.  If I have no puppies available, then I can put you in touch with another reputable breeder who cares about the standard of pet they breed. 

BEWARE - breeders that sell 'Teacup, or micro poms or Triple coated pomeranians' do NOT know what they are talking about.  These things don't exist in Pomeranians.  As mentioned above, there is a standard for pomeranians, and good breeders generally try to stay within the standard.  Even if they say they are show breeders, if they are not currently showing and pitting there breeding program against other breeders - watch out!!! 

Also, beware of breeders that try to sell you a 'purebred' puppy without the dogs purebred registration papers from The Canadian Kennel Club, or that say it costs extra to have the papers.  By Canadian Law, all dogs sold as purebred must be registered with CKC.  It is the breeders responsibility to provide the registration papers, not the buyers.  NEVER buy from a puppy mill or a pet store.  Some pet stores place SPCA dogs up for adoption.  This would be the only exception to that rule.

Enjoy your pomeranian, you won't be sorry.

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